Community Love: 100 Reasons to blog at Destructoid


One community member, 100 community blogs

Depending on who you ask, one hundred blogs is either a huge number or an impossibly small number. It probably depends on how long they’ve been doing it, and whether or not they’re asshats whose online handles start with Z that can put out a fifth the length of a novel in a single blog. Not that I’m saying I know anyone like that or anything. Definitely not.

Either way, I’m now officially at the 100 landmark. So now what?

To tell the truth… At first I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about for this. I wanted to do something for it, something to signify that feeling of “Hey! Look! I’ve written a whole hundred of these!” — but nothing that came to mind came easily or didn’t feel like it couldn’t just go in a regular blog. Stuff about me, stuff I liked — I could do that any time, couldn’t I?

And then I got to thinking. What got me to write a hundred blogs in the first place? What was it that made me stick around? Maybe if I focus on that, I’ll figure it out. Surely, if I can figure it out, I’ll be able to write about it and share it with you guys, right?

So… just what was it?

Was it because I didn’t know where else to go? Was it because I couldn’t find any alternatives? Was it because I’m like those settlers on those cable commercials?

Maybe. How can I be sure? Is there any way to tell?

… Okay, okay, yeah, I’ve got it. I’ve got a good one. Let’s test this theory.

If I can’t pull some reasons, no, a whole hundred reasons for why I blog here out of my ass right now, then clearly, I should just pack up right now and go.

That’s right, you heard me everybody. We’re doing this, or I’m hitting the road!





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

… Welp!

Guess it’s time for me to go, guys. I’m sorry to cut this blog short before I could even celebrate, but as the wise men of anime say, it can’t be helped.

I probably should have done this at something like, I dunno, five or twenty so that it was actually doable. I mean, who in their right mind would possibly be crazy enough to come up with…


1. OverlordZetta‘s Pokémon: Where should I start?Oh god! It’s hideous! Get this out of here! What the hell is thi… Oh, it’s my first blog here. Wow, even back then, it was still Pokémon opinions, huh? I might need to retract everything I said about growing… It is kind of comforting to know I’ve still got that at least, if nothing else, though.

2. JawshButturBawlsGiving Thanks: GardevoirOkay. That’s more like it. There’s a sight I’m sure that any member of the Destructoid community should be able to appreciate with open arms. Now,how open those arms are just might… vary a little. No shame in it though!

3. Riobux‘s The Validity of Short GamesIn a time where it seems many developers, critics, and gamers alike seem to agree on the notion that the number of hours you spend with a game is somehow proportional to how good it is (or so I’m told by scores, top rated comments, and the back of the boxes, at any rate), Riobux has us pause to consider that short and sweet games can offer experiences just as potentially worthwhile, discussing the balance of gameplay and story that must go on in creating such bite-sized games as well.

4. Chris Carter‘s Fallout 4 ReviewHoo boy. With fallout like that, how could I not think back to the review that shook the entirety of the internet as we knew it? Even after people forget the game itself, I have the feeling that as far as these parts are concerned, people are going to be remembering this review for some time to come. On the other hand, speaking of Fallout 4

5. Nic Rowen‘s What I want from Fallout 4Although people love to forget it when we’re arguing about the hottest controversies, we’re all people with huge passions for these crazy things called video games. I like to think we are, anyway. While I can’t say I’m much of a Fallout nerd myself, I can definitely appreciate having wishlists and wants for upcoming entries in beloved series. Seriously, look at my Pokémon blogs. This speaks to me.

6. ooktar‘s Go hug your dad and play some video games. I would if I could.Last year, we had some site drama going on, and it was during this time that ooktar lost his father. He encourages us to set aside our arguing and our e-drama and think of our time here and now, as well as our futures, so that we might spend our time having fun and enjoying this hobby we all share and love rather than arguing. For those of you scrolling by on good terms with your dads, give them a call or a hug if you can.

7. LordSpencer‘s The Advantages of Being an Arab GamerMight you be willing to stop by LordSpencer’s for a glass of freshly squeezed Perspectivade? It’s mighty tasty, not to mention always in season, of that I can assure you!

8. Torchman‘s We are VR: Where the Mechs at?I dig giant robots. You dig giant robots. We dig giant robots. Everyone digs giant robots. But among the elite members of Destructoid Interlinking Cybermachine Kingpin Squadron, the greatest team of pilots known to mankind, Torchman is top dog. Now reload your Force Aerial Piercing Shells and check out just what VR is missing with its lack of giant robot glory.

9. Voltech‘s DmC: Devil May Cry (feat. Kamen Rider Kiva)I still haven’t played any DMC or DmC game, but I’m always one to welcome comparing characters and stories from video games like this. That we have such a well thought out analysis here, but that it includes one involving a franchise (that I happen to love) that most wouldn’t look at as more than just a toy commercial? Thank you once more for sharing this with the class, Voltech!

10. CJ Andriessen‘s Fauxclusive SeriesLove them, hate them, feel they’re hit or miss, CJ’s Fauxclusives are always able to draw a crowd. I still remember when it was about to get gay in here, and regardless of whether or not I always get or can appreciate the joke, I think it’s awesome to see that kind of leveling up in the community before my own eyes. Keep it up, CJ!

11. LBabio‘s Gaming and real life: the backlog problemFor one reason or another, backlogs have become a problem many gamers can relate to. Flash sales? Humble Bundles? Just the curse of Steam in general? It’s a topic that probably hits home for a lot of us, and as Riobux’s earlier blog tackles how the validity of these shorter games, LBabio hit the nail on the head for me bringing up the accessibility and even necessity of shorter games over ones that require greater investment. That’s life for you.

12. GajKnight‘s Waifu Wars: NaotoFor those of you too young to remember… There was once a great battle on the ‘toid. Really, it happened pretty quickly, puttered out, then resumed again without warning, a brief flash of great brightness just as it seemed like it was over! Here, gaj tells us why Naoto should have won that war. But we all know the truth: There is no winning in waifus. There is no winning in waifus.

13. KnickKnackMyWack‘s Creative Nonfiction College Paper: The World’s Greatest IdolIt’s incredible how much the world has changed. Not just that we have stuff like Vocaloid around in the first place, but that you can write a real, legitimate, serious paper about it without people laughing in your face at the idea. That’s amazing to me. Even just a few years ago, I don’t think I would have thought this kind of thing was possible, but here we are. If you want to know more about the media sensation that is Hatsune Miku or the software that is Vocaloid, give KKMW’s blog here a look!

14. FlanxLycanth‘s Running for President of DestructoidAs we find ourselves caught in a time of political strife, unable to decide just who is the best starter Pokémon of them all (it’s not Cyndaquil or Chikorita), we must remember that we have a guiding star watching us. In President Lycanthra we trust.

15. Steven Hansen‘s Saga of Ash KetchumSometimes there are questions better left unanswered. Has Sonic discovered Christ? Is there a sex party on the seventh night at Freddy’s? And last, but most certainly not least, can Ash Ketchum lift? Thankfully we have people like Steven, harnessing the unyielding power of Google, out there to answer these important questions for us.

16. Dalek Sex‘s Tony the Tiger vs Furry Porn vs Chester the CheetahWell, at least the Ash Ketchum stuff was purely fanart and not at all encouraged by any official parties related to a children’s product, right? Thank goodness something that goes into our face holes wasn’t being officially connected to any sort of… oh. Oh boy.

Got milk?

17. Luckrequired‘s Congrat’s to Lightshady! Please stand up.When Shade became our newest Community Manager last month, Luckrequired knew that a celebration was in order to welcome our newest overlord. Much rejoicing was had as we celebrated with banquets of roast Eevee and penguin pudding for seven nights and three or four days, dancing midriffs all the while… give or take. Great party, Luckrequired!

18. Elsa‘s 50 Shades of GamingLet me say to start that you’d do well to read just about anything of Elsa’s. She’s one of Destructoid’s most insightful and thoughtful bloggers, and this is no exception. In her blog entitled 50 Shades of Gaming, Elsa reflects on the state of some of the recent shifts in gaming politics, reminding us to think and research for ourselves rather than to take the opinions of others as fact and make them our own opinions without thought. A strong a person as any, Elsa declares to all within reading distance that she’s a tough customer, no matter what this speaker or that might try to say she should be, and she isn’t going to take anything from anyone or anything. So show her some respect, you hear?

19. SpielderDad‘s 5 More Creepy Places That Should Be in GamesThe world is a spooky place, old and ripe with all kinds of horrors just waiting for us to use in our fiction. Games, comparatively, are a pretty new thing, and they’re likewise just waiting to be used by those horrors to deliver to us some of the most terrifying, underpants-wetting experiences ever. If you think world is out of cool places for games to explore, though, just take a trip down to this blog of SpielerDad’s and see if you come out with the same opinion and/or underpants.

20. n0signal‘s Project Zero (Fatal Frame) V: Japanese Folklore & Ghost StoriesSometimes I think it’s a coin toss whether or not a person cares about the inspiration for a story. Some people do, some people don’t. I’m definitely in the former category, myself, so I love to see blogs like these. If you care to look at Fatal Frame V for more than controversy and review drama, n0signal’s glance into what brought the game to life is really cool, and shows just how developers and creators can transform things from our world to what we experience in the virtual one.

21. Darren Nakamura‘s Alphabear ReviewThough I’ve since become more adverse to it, and as you may be finding in the coming days adverse to the school of F2P in general, back in the day, Darren got Pokémon Shuffle. Yes, there was a “the day” for Pokémon Shuffle. Totally. Anyway, though I’ve yet to get a chance to try it out, Darren made this word game out to sound like sweet, sweet honey at the time, and I hope I’ll get to play it one of these days and see how it holds up. Certainly still looks ridiculously adorable, that’s for sure.

22. ShadeOfLight‘s Fixing amiibo: Less is more (but more is also more)It’s sort of fun to look back on the various amiibo blogs of the past now that it seems like Nintendo is not only taking them more seriously, but perhaps even more seriously than the things they’re supposed to connect to. Here was Shade’s take on the situation once upon a time, and it’s certainly better put than I could’ve put it. Trust me.

23. Marche100‘s Should You Read: Umineko no Naku Koro ni?It is no secret that I love visual novels, though in the grand scheme of things, I haven’t actually read that many.Umineko is one of the ones I have, however, and I cannot recommend them enough. Visual novels may get a bad name as just being weird anime porn thanks to junk like Sakura Spirit, but as Marche100 can tell you with me, when you’ve got stuff like Umineko? Mwah, mwah! The Umineko novels are fantastic, fantastic stories, and it’s a real treat to have gotten to see them brought up on Destructoid. Check ’em out, everybody! Maybe put on the soundtrack while you’re at it?

24. Hobolawyerman‘s Protagonists Usually Suck (But Why?)Hobolawyerman jumps into the Destructoid blogs with their take on protagonists in video games. To them, most protagonists are just tough for them to get into, feeling them to be lacking in depth or just not interesting enough to be worth the investment. I think we both want better and more protagonists out there, but how about you? Do you like protagonists, or are you a side character kind of gamer?

25. Rico the Penguin‘s The Cynicism of the CommonsRico the Penguin offers us a somewhat somber look at what cynicism is doing to discussion, and what fighting and fighting and more fighting is doing to community and the enjoyment of both writers and readers. As communities grow increasingly more toxic, it’s important to remember that there is a balance to be had between controversy and positivity, and that we can’t bask too much in the former as it seems we tend to do lately. It’s my ideal that we can all get along too, but let’s not stop the festivities too long here… So, on a less somber note, Rico, your avatar looks like Rowlett, did you know that?

26. GoofierBrute‘s The Good and The Bad in Nintendo’s Latest DirectWith E3 on the way and what may well be the most controversial one for Nintendo yet, it’s worth looking back at what we took out of the ones before. To think, it wasn’t even that long ago we were wistfully wishing for more Star Fox, and now a lot of people wish we hadn’t gotten any at all. Funny how that works, huh? Even better, GoofierBrute’s take is a then-look at TMS #FE that wasn’t instantly lambasting the thing, if I can toss a bit of bias into the hat, but perhaps I should not.

27. Pixie‘s Thoughts on Illustory Revelations #FE (SMTxFE)Or I could be a little shameless and follow with a link to this wonderful analysis of said game’s initial trailer, as Pixie’s thoughtful approach to the game is one I’ve personally agreed with from early on and still think back to from time to time even now. It’s easy to look at something and try to take it at face value, as looking deeper, not even that much deeper, just a second watch through a trailer, has its pros too. Now let’s blow something up!

28. Kyle MacGregor‘s Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser ReviewAs if it ever needed to be said, I’m a real sucker for superhero and tokusatsu inspired stuff, and I dunno if I would’ve ended up getting this game if not for this review, and on top of that, it was another look into the Wild Wild West (Exciting Exciting East?) of doujin games. My Rider mask’s off to you for that one, Kyle!

29. Virtua Kazama‘s The Joy of Virtua Fighter TournamentsI admit, I’ve never been much of a fighting game guy. I dipped my toes into the genre when I was younger, but ultimately I only stuck with the story driven games like BlazBlue. Even so, I can’t help but want to bust out whatever games I own when I read blogs like this by our resident fighting enthusiast, Virtual Kazama, and hit the training mode so I can take on the world. I can feel it coming over me, I feel it all around me…

30. nanashi‘s Those Meddling Kids: ‘trip to Akibaharananashi chose Akiba’s Trip as his subject for his response to Bloggers Wanted prompt “Those Meddling Kids,” including some personal stories from when he was following the game prior to its release along the way to how its setup and elements of gameplay showed the game’s roots. Having followed more than a few games that I thought would never see the light of day outside of Japan myself (and even gotten to see them actually come over), I can definitely relate to the feeling there. It’s pretty sweet. All in all, high marks from our man nanashi here! Truth be told, I’m kind of amazed I still haven’t beaten Akiba’s Trip yet. Maybe I’ll finally go back one of these days.

31. KingSigy‘s Not Every Game is For YouAs games become more and more mainstream, more games come out that sometimes just can’t hit the sweet spot with everyone. Hyper Light Drifter is one of those games. Some people take issue with the game’s not being accommodating enough, but KingSigy stands up for games not always being for everyone. KingSigy makes a great point about a great game, so check it out if you like. I sure did.

32. Brittany Vincent‘s Reviews Aren’t Law And You Can Actually Make Your Own DecisionsSpeaking of things not hitting the sweet spot with everyone, here’s a blog from former staff member Brittany Vincent reminding us of almost exactly that same sentiment. There are times when I feel like people seem to think a critic’s word is law, or that they’re trying to pass it into law for some reason, but that’s just not so. Like what you like, and let the people like what they like! … Or don’t. Your call. That’s the beauty of it!

33. Scrustle‘s Your opinion on racing games are stupidAs someone who can be somewhat… let’s call it verbose, I sort of know the score when it comes to using your words wisely. How well I know it? That’s another story, and one I continue to reread in my free time. But for as long as Scrustle’s blog about the ins and outs of racing games might appear at a glance, and for as eager as maybe some felt to use “tl;dr!” in response, I came out of it feeling like I’d actually learned a whole lot about a genre I hadn’t put much thought into before. Major props, Scrustle.

34. Laura Kate Dale‘s (NSFW) Top Five Floppy Dongs in Video GamesSometimes you come across a Top Five or Top Ten list and you can’t help but roll your eyes and think about how silly and redundant it is. This list was not one of those lists.

35. Juic3‘s Don’t be a dickAlthough the message of this blog of Juic3-sensei’s is summarized pretty well by its title, no amount of words is ever too many to get the message across, so long as someone stops to listen, so say thanks to our good teacher for taking the time to offer it to the community. Some dicks are fine, but only the ones in your pants, as we’ve just seen in the above Top Five list, understood?

36. Geist‘s White Whales: Finishing a GameLike the wind, two time blogger Geist came to the blogs and then was on her way like the night soon after. Although this response to the White Whales Bloggers Wanted challenge was brief, Geist’s words definitely rang true to me here. Wherever you are, Geist, I hope you’ve been able to tackle your White Whale.

37. Larxinostic‘s Which OST SeriesA lot of people don’t appreciate the music of video games these days. So long as it’s serviceable, gives you something to listen to in the background while you play, these folks will move on and forget as soon as they pass from one track to the next. If you’re one of these people, give Larxnostic’s series of Which OST blogs a look. Multiple tracks are taken into account within, and you might learn a thing or two about video game music and composers. Shamefully, I hate to say that it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I started thinking much about game music composers (with one or two exceptions), and it’s something I really regret now. Thanks for educating the dumb masses like me, Larx!

38. Agent9‘s 31 DaysSpeaking of music, here’s another musically inclined series that’s been on Destructoid for two years! Talk about dedication. Agent9’s series of spooky blogs have come now for two Octobers straight, and in them he discusses a different track and game fitting the Halloween theme in every entry. If you like what you see, check out the rest of the series in Agent9’s blog!

39. Patrick Hancock‘s Monster Hunter Generations both celebrates and invigorates the seriesAs someone who wants to get back into the Monster Hunter scene with the upcoming Generations, it’s great to see articles like this getting us prepared to know what we might be in for. Although I’ll probably end up skipping it and sticking to going nowhere in 3 Ultimate like I did when 4 Ultimate came out, it’s articles like these that really show off what’s in store for the series and where it’s going. Now if only I could get that Soul Sacrifice sequel…

40. SeymourDuncan17‘s GOTY blog has lots of pretty pictures!Those of you in the audience may or may not remember just what a good time it was to work with the blog editor here late last year and earlier this year. This led to some giving up on blogging, some gritting their teeth and pushing through, and some coming up with more… creative methods of getting around the roadblocks the site was pushing onto them. If you were to ask me, then I would say Seymour tackled these roadblocks in the best way possible: By plowing straight through them!

41. ForsakeneyesI Just Got A PlayStation Vita And I’m Digging It!Every year after its first, the Vita’s been deader than ever if you believe the masses, yet here it is, still alive and kicking, and now this zombie is well on its way to outliving fellow lovable underdog Wii U as its new baby NX comes to take over next year. While I don’t know if this still holds true, a year ago, Forsakeneyes was happy to report that they had joined the ranks of the Vita Elite and were a happy customer indeed.

42. Dreamweaver‘s Initiation Station: Can we get something for the shorties?A lot of people are lucky enough to be able to take character creation for granted. The standard, inoffensive choices are such that, for them, it might not even cross their minds to want anything different. That anything different would even be necessary. Dreamweaver isn’t asking for sexy or for covered characters, Dreamweaver just wants to be able to have character customization where he can customize and feel comfortable with his character’s height. If that’s not a fair request, I don’t know what is.

43. Jed Whitaker‘s Beard ViewsBefore he became known for… well, whatever you know him for, Jed used to do a fun little segment called Beard View about imported games. I thought they were a nice little feature, and it’s not often you get familiar faces doing any kind of even close to in depth coverage of Japanese 3DS games.

44. Nekro‘s Obligatory Cat BlogWhile it is pitiable that Nekro has been cursed with the sickness that is preferring cats over dogs, it can be forgiven for the content of the list includes a caterpillar. I would also suggest “caterer” and “cat burglar” as potentials should a sequel ever come to fruition. Litten is also an acceptable choice.

45. Fuzunga‘s A History of My April Fools Lies Come TrueFuzunga can try to convince us that these were April Fools predictions that coincidentally came true, but I know the truth. Fuzunga you’re everyone’s father who works at Nintendo, aren’t you!? You must be the one who told us Pokémon Diamond and Emerald versions were coming out all the way back when Gold and Silver were brand new too… The jig is up!

46. StriderHoang‘s I just got married: Yet another 10 things about StriderThere’s a long standing, still lasting stereotype about gamers out there that they’re all unwed virgins and so on and so forth. Like many fellow Dtoid members before him, Strider takes that stereotype and gives it the finger, celebrating his recent marriage by sharing some facts about himself as he celebrates his next step into life. Cheers, man!

47. Manchild‘s Mangasms: Building WorldsWhen you want to create, when you’re a creative-minded person, it can be really consuming. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way that just makes up the core of who you are, for better and for worse. Here, Manchild talks about his own creative voice, from how his creative passion reached him in games in his youth to how it carried on into Dungeons and Dragons and further beyond into writing blogs later on in his life still. It’s a story I can relate to in a lot of ways, and I’d be willing to bet some of you can relate to it in some ways too.

48. Jinx 01‘s Chainmail bikinis: Let’s NOT repair her armorJinx 01 offers the community his personal look at one of the recent hubbubs in gaming, regarding sexuality, how characters are dressed, and how empowerment is different for everyone. It’s an important thing about people that not everyone considers, so concerned with their own take, and Jinx’s take is refreshing. Empowerment for me, for instance, would probably be sleek armor, but to you, it might be very different, like it is for Jinx. Rather than trying to dictate what people should or shouldn’t feel empowered by, it would be nice if everyone was allowed to just be themselves like this, as games like many MMOs are designed for already.

49. Jonathan HolmesIs there a fictional character that you’d follow anywhere?Admittedly, when I stumbled on this one again, like the first time, I misinterpreted what it was asking. It’s still a fun topic, though personally, I’d like to be taught some crazy video game moves more than I would want to follow their antics in the games. I guess that’s a little too unrealistic though, huh?

50. Chist‘s Shit BoxesHere’s some oldie-but-goodie stuff right here. What started off with Chist tackling 50 Shades of Grey and reporting on its quality turned into something much bigger. In Chist’s Shit Boxes, he would dive into all kinds of wonderful, classic works of art requested by the audience so that he might share his thoughts on them with us. Have you ever wanted the Destructoid perspective on anime masterpiece Boku no Pico? Look on into the Shit Box.