Composer Alexander Brandon's collab album, Just Fun


Exclusive track sample

Composer Alexander Brandon has is best known for his work on games like the first two Deus Ex games, Unreal, and the Jazz Jackrabbit games. For the last two years, he has been working on a collaboration album titled Just Fun, and it features songs with collaborators such as Jake “virt” Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon,Shovel Knight), Grant “Stemage” Henry (Metroid Metal), Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson (Mass Effect 2,Call of Duty: Black Ops 2), Andrew Aversa (Soul Calibur V) and Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy!).

Brandon has launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds to hire sound engineers to make Just Fun sound as good as possible, as well as produce a physical release of the album. It reached its goal in only 24 hours! But stretch goals are in place, including an additional remix album.

If you want a taste of what Brandon is cooking, check out our exclusive preview, “Oath of the Matron,” featuring work by Andrew and Jillian Aversa.

The full track list and collaborator credits for Just Fun are as follows:

01. “Introduction” 02. “A Thousand Words” (Feat. Jameson Sutton and Stemage) 03. “On a Dark and Stormy Night” 04. “Chronophasia” (Feat. virt) 05. “Twilight Floating” (Feat. Erik Peabody) 06. “Oath of the Matron” (Feat. Andrew Aversa and Jillian Aversa) 07. “More” 08. “God bless the child that’s got his own” (original by Avery Brooks) 09. “Infinity” (Feat. Big Giant Circles, original by Andrew Sega/Paul Schultz) 10. “Overture of the Avatar” (Feat. DJ Bottles)

11. “The Blue Hour” (Feat. Bryan Rudge) 12. “Hypercontrol” (original by Andrew Sega, guitar by Craig Rundels) 13. “The Willowdale Handcar” (Feat. Danny Baranowsky)

14. “Epilogue”