Conan Exiles receives new trailer ahead of its official release next month


You remember? the game with the dongs?

After spending a little over a year in Steam Early Access, Funcom’s open-world survival title Conan Exiles is nearing its official release. The publisher has put out a final trailer to showcase the game in its completed state.

In the game, the player takes up the role of a warrior left for dead, who is rescued from crucifixion by the titular barbarian. From there, the player shapes their own path to glory and notoriety, finding clothing, building a fortress, honing their combat skills, defeating would-be usurpers and terrifying giant creatures, all en route to becoming a legend. Also, cocks.

The game is pretty damn brutal, often requiring you to act in immoral ways in order to survive in an immoral world. The protagonist must literally work their way up from their initial unarmed, injured, naked form to become the most powerful and feared entity in the land, often through struggle, massacre, enslavement and ruthlessness.

The final release of Conan Exiles will see the light of day on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 8.