Concrete Genie actually has a real concrete release date now: October 8



Sony is finally ready to announce Concrete Genie‘s final release date: October 8. The publisher has already confirmed that the game will have PSVR support but this week they also noted that it will have photo support.

I know what you’re thinking: Concrete Geniehas a date already! But here’s the thing: no, it doesn’t! In fact I’m sure a lot of you assumed this game already came out. But no, despite the fact that it was announced all the way back in 2017, it only had a “release window” lined up for this fall.

I got the chance to playConcrete Genieback in July of 2018, and found it to be a rather relaxing and amazingly adorable little puzzle platformer. Although I don’t think it’ll blow everyone away, I’m anxious to playPixelOpus’ next project. The final MSRP of $30 (there is a $40 digital deluxe edition if you want it) makes that prospect so much easier fore everyone, I’m sure.

Concrete Genie Launches October 8 on PS4, Photo Mode Confirmed [PlayStation Blog]