Concrete Genie finally gets a release window, will support PSVR


I’m still looking forward to this

It feels like we’ve been hearing about Concrete Genie for forever. It was announced in October of 2017 and since then it’s kind of had a nebulous 2018 release date that just…never came?

Well, thanks to Sony’s State of Play stream yesterday we have an idea of when it might actually come out: fall 2019. The wait seems to be due to PSVR support, which is now newly confirmed for the game.

I had the chance to play a sizable portion ofConcrete Genielast year and really enjoyed it. It’s a charming whimsical journey that doesn’t try to push the conventions of the open world genre: and it doesn’t need to. So long as expectations are in check I think it’ll find its audience.

If you haven’t heard of it before the new story trailer below will give you a good rundown.