Concrete Jungle combines city planning and deck building


On Kickstarter for a final push

As diverse and varied as games have become (particularly the independent scene), it can be easy to fall into a routine of only trying out titles with established gameplay. Part of what caught my eye about Concrete Jungle is that while I have prototypical notions of both “city planning” and “deck building,” I cannot immediately imagine how those two ideas fit together to make a game. Even after watching gameplay footage, I am not quite sure how the system works, and that is refreshing in a way.

The second half of the video above does a bit more toward getting players to understand how it works, though it still seems like something that will require some hands-on time before it really clicks.

As a followup to a game called MegaCity, development of Concrete Jungle is relatively far along, and so developer Cole Jefferies is asking for only£3,000 as a base funding goal on Kickstarter. Concrete Jungle is also currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight.