Conquer the known world with Alexander the Great in Civilization VI


New DLC and a scenario pack

The trickle feed of new civilizations continues with Alexander the Great being the next new ruler to be added to Civilization VI. Along with Macedonia getting representation will be Persia with Cyrus the Great. Together, they will make a great combo. Alone, they will be great rivals. Greatness awaits is the point I’m making (suck it, Sony!).

In addition to those two new leaders comes the announcement of a scenario pack. Dubbed the “Double Civilization” pack, I can only imagine it entails some co-op mode or the ability to run two civs in a solo campaign. The details for that pack will be unveiled when the Spring 2017 update lands.

While I love the production quality put into each of these extra civilizations, I still don’t understand why 2K is dead set on going the route of piecemeal DLC along with full scale expansions. I waited for a good two years before buying into any of Civilization V‘s DLC and I was rewarded with a Special Edition upgrade for $5 that contained everything. Why not just save these new leaders for the inevitable expansion pack?

Double Civilization & Scenario Pack Coming Soon to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI [Steam Community]