Constantin Films lock 'n' load for Just Cause movie adaptation


Scorpio Rising

Sony’s Uncharted isn’t the only action-adventure game adaptation currently working its way toward the silver screen. Over at Constantin Films, pre-production continues on a cinematic adaptation of Square Enix’ explosive open-world series, Just Cause.

As reported by Deadline, the Just Cause movie has recently secured a director in Mike Dowse, who previously shot heavy metal mockumentary FUBAR, romantic comedy The F Word, and episodes for various TV shows including Future Man and Preacher. Dowse joins writer Derek Kolstad, whose work penning the John Wick movies will no doubt serve him well when it comes to scripting the ballistic action that the Just Cause games are renown for.

Early plot details do not stray too far from the source material, as Just Cause will see hero Rico Rodriguez – known to his enemies as “Scorpio” – embark on a death-defying mission to take down mercenary group The Black Hand in his own inimitable “agent of chaos” fashion. The casting of Rico Rodriguez has yet to be officially confirmed, although Aquaman’s Jason Momoa is hotly tipped to be donning the famous grapple-line gauntlet.

Just Cause is currently in pre-production at Constantin Films.

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