Contest: Win a copy of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus for PS4, Switch, Steam, or Xbox


In today’s contest, you can win a copy of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus for PS4, Switch, Steam, or Xbox!

The original release of Doki Doki Literature Club was, to put it lightly, a pretty dang intense experience. Despite its cutesy cover art and adorable trailer filled with lighthearted music, it came bearing the warning words “this game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed,” and I’d say that might be a bit of an understatement.

That version is still available for free on Steam if you want to go in completely blind and aren’t 100% sold on it just yet. However, an updated premium version just released this week called Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, and it features new side stories, music, and a visual upgrade to 1080p. I haven’t checked it out yet myself, so I can’t vouch for how much the update adds to the experience, but if it’s anything like the original, it’s definitely worth playing if you have the stomach for it. Luckily, we’ve also gotten our hands on some keys to give away to the community!

In case you’ve somehow never heard of the game before, here’s a brief summary to tell you what the visual novel is all about:

“Welcome to a terrifying world of poetry and romance! Write poems for your crush and erase any mistakes along the way to ensure your perfect ending. Now’s your chance to discover why DDLC is one of the most beloved psychological horror games of the decade!

You play as the main character, who reluctantly joins the Literature Club in search of a romantic interest. With every poem you write and every choice you make, you’ll charm your crush and begin to unfold the horrors of school romance. Do you have what it takes to crack the code of dating sims and get the perfect ending?”

How To Win

To enter, comment below telling us your platform of choice and what your favorite “happy place” game is. You know, a game that makes you feel all cozy and comfortable. It could fill you with warm fuzzy feelings, pleasant thoughts, or even just temporary contentment. Trust me, if you happen to win, you might want to have that title close by as a palate cleanser after playing through Doki Doki Literature Club Plus.

We’ve got three keys (all NA) to give away for each platform: PS4, Switch, Steam, and Xbox. We’ll draw the winners on July 7, 2021. I’ll respond to their comments asking them to send me an email at [email protected] in order to deliver the key, so keep an eye on those Disqus notifications!

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is available now for purchase on PC, PS4/PS5, Switch, and Xbox.