Contest: Fight dinosaurs, cavemen, and giant lizards in RTS Warparty


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Strategize against prehistoric foes and enter our contest to win Warparty!

Dinosaurs are mighty cool to look at, but I’ve got a feeling that having to fight against them would be something else, entirely. Like, it’d be cool to take one down and everything, but let’s be honest — most of us reading got our asses kicked by our little sisters, so we’re not taking down any dinos any time, soon.

But at least we can pretend! Enter our contest for your chance to win a copy of RTS Warpartyfor your platform of choice!

Get in on Warparty, a real time strategy title set in prehistoric times. Take your tribe of old-timey folk and fight against other factions, planning attacks, gathering resources, and executing strategies all along the way. There are cave people, elephants, spears, giant lizards, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other crazy things to deal with. Because that’s how things were before we invented Taco Bell.

Read this comprehensive list of game features while I try to ward off some dinosaurs.

  • Three Unique Factions! Play as the proud Wildlanders, the menacing Necromas, or the vengeful Vithara each with unique units, buildings, talents and playstyle.
  • Story Campaign! Play objective based missions as each of the three factions and discover the purpose of the ancient Go’n Power!
  • Survival Mode. Pick your favorite faction and face off against ever increasing waves of enemies. Survive as long as you can and earn a spot on the Leaderboards!
  • Skirmish against AI. Battle on a variety of themed maps against the AI. Solo or with friends, you choose the difficulty!
  • Custom Online Multiplayer. Have a Skirmish with your friends in different game modes with custom settings!
  • Observer Mode. Spectate matches and analyze gameplay to improve your gameplay or learn new strategies.
  • Ranked Multiplayer and leaderboards. Battle it out against other players, earn points for victories and reach new heights on the Leaderboards!
  • Dedicated Servers. Ranked matches are played on our own dedicated servers to ensure fairness in every match.
  • In-Game Wiki. Learn the ropes interactively or study up on all the units at your own leisure with the in-game wiki.
  • Full Hotkey customization. Every action can be bound to a desired key to control and play the game the way you want!

How do you get a dinosaur out of the laundry room? Asking for a friend.

There’s a lot going on with this one, so you’re going to have to deal with a widget. Enter your name and email address below, and specify your platform, to enter to win! You can repeat daily for additional chances to win. For bonus entries, follow developer Warcave Games and Dtoid on Twitter, and share our contest post with your friends.

In the meantime, comment below giving me advice on how to rid my house of dinosaurs. I invited one in for tea, and now there are like seventeen in here and they won’t leave. I don’t know what to do, and I have to go pick up my niece from her dance recital. I don’t know these dinosaurs, and I’m not leaving them in my house alone. Help!

Take a deep breath for this one: We have 8 Steam, 8 Switch NA, 5 PS4 NA, and 5 Xbox One keys to give away. Whew. Winners will be drawn on Monday, May 20.

Warparty is available now across all four platforms. Head over to our sister sites for more chances to win a Switch, PC, PS4, or Xbox One copy!

Dtoid Contest: Win Warparty for PC, Switch, PS4, or Xbox One