Contest: Fight for America with a copy of Metal Wolf Chaos XD


Mecha-President, reporting for duty

Today’s contest is a doozy — we’re got PS4, Xbox One, and PC copies of Metal Wolf Chaos XD to throw at your faces!

The greatest moment in history is upon us. A game once banished to the strange realm of Japan has finally left those shores, destined to be shared with the rest of the world. And today, share it I must. It is my duty as an American to give away copies of Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

I am America, damn it. I’m going to America you, too.

I’m not going to waste a ton of time telling you about this one. Chances are, you know all about it. If not, read our review. Spoiler: It’s dope and weird and everything video games should be. You’re the President of the United States of a America, and have to stop a coup from the Vice President while piloting a mech for no apparent reason. It’s the kind of goofy fun that video games used to give us in spades before Microsoft and EA started buying up devs and making them code multiplayer components of their big franchise titles instead of making their own.

What I’m saying is I haven’t even played this game yet and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s got everything a video game should: Random explosions, over the top violence, terrible dialog, and playing as the President because why the hell not. I love you, Metal Wolf Chaos. Never leave me again.

To enter to win your copy, use the comments to tell us which platform you want. Then, tell us your favorite ridiculous video game moment. Or memory. Or game. It doesn’t matter — let’s talk about games back before everything got super serious and super realistic. I miss those days of gaming.

We have four keys each for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 — our PS4 keys are for North American accounts, only. Make sure you specify which platform you want in your comment. Winners will be drawn Friday, August 9. New to Dtoid? Run here to make an account so you can get all gamey with us.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. God bless the USA.