Contest: Get swept up in this Rainswept prize pack


Show some love for indie devs

Most of our contests revolve around bigger titles — or at least, ones by development teams with at least a couple titles under their belts who know their way around the industry, even if only a little. But for this one, it’s going to be a little different.

Rainswept is a murder mystery game currently in development, and it’s made almost entirely by one man. It explores the dramatic themes of love, loss, and trauma in a hazy town full of gossip, intrigue, and mistrust. And man, it looks beautiful.

Normally I try to add my own flavor to describing a game, but I’ll let its creator, Armaan Sandhu, give you his description:

Rainswept is an adventure game – A murder mystery dealing with themes of love, relationships and unresolved trauma.

Detective Michael Anderson enters the small town of Pineview to assist the local police force with a seemingly simple case – A couple is found dead in their kitchen. The locals believe it to be a case of murder-suicide, their speculation fueled by rumors of the turbulent nature of the couple’s relationship.

Is it just idle gossip, or is there some truth to the rumors?

Play as Detective Anderson, assisted by the driven and empathetic Officer Blunt, as he attempts to discover the truth behind Chris and Diane’s storyby talking to the locals, exploring and investigating the town, interviewing suspects and reliving the victims’ memories. But be warned: the further he pursues the case, the more his own past shall come back to haunt him. And the closer his own sanity will be pushed to the edge.

Wanna give the game a try? You can check out a demo here.

In the meantime, why don’t we give some stuff away? Developer Frostwood Interactive is providing us with some really cool promotional materials for the game. Three winners will be chosen at random, with the winners receiving:

1st Place: T-shirt, Mug, Poster (all physical); Copy of Rainswept, OST, Wallpapers, Digital Artbook (all digital)

2nd Place: Mug, Poster (all physical); Copy of Rainswept, OST, Wallpapers (all digital)

3rd Place: Poster (physical); Copy of Rainswept, Wallpapers (all digital)

To enter, comment below with a time a video game moved you. If a game has ever made you upset, pensive, sad, giddy, overjoyed, or just left its mark on you, we want to hear about it.

You must have a US address to win since we’re shipping physical prizes out to you. Also, please make sure you have a Dtoid account with your current email address on file so I can contact winners. Winners will be drawn on Thursday, August 16.

If you like what you’ve seen or played about Rainswept, you can check out a blog Armaan wrote right here on Dtoid detailing his creation process for the game. And if you really like what you’ve seen, consider supporting the project’s Indiegogo campaign.