Contest: Sate your appetite and win Dread Hunger on Steam


We all have a hunger

What’s the hungriest you’ve ever been? If it came down to it, would you eat trash? The family pet? Your cousin Pat? These are the questions posed by multiplayer survival game Dread Hunger. As I don’t know how to cook I’d probably be screwed either way, but now you can experience for yourself just how far you’d go to survive!

Well, this is a new one to me! Dread Hunger is an eight-person survival game with a twist — two players are traitors, sent to kill the others using any means necessary. Like sabotage or magicks or outright murder. Then, I guess you can eat them! Ya gotta survive, right? That’s kinda the point of the game.

Read these bullet points I copied from Steam:

  • Survive the Arctic
    Build fires to stay warm, fend off wolves and other predators, and hunt for food to stay alive in the brutal and unforgiving Canadian Arctic.
  • Betray Your Friends
    Feed them tainted food, lure animals to attack them, hex them with blood magic, or if all else fails… just shoot them in the back.
  • You Are What You Eat
    In the Arctic, you’ll have to make some grim choices to stay fed. Butcher bodies and use the pieces as weapons – or food.
  • Captain a Ship
    Steer a 19th century warship around (or into) icebergs. Find coal for the ever-hungry boiler to keep the ship moving… or blow it up.
  • Brave a Perilous World
    Plan around a full day and night cycle, contend with unexpected whiteouts, and try to outrun a massive blizzard that looms over the expedition.

It must be popular as according to my sources, it’s had over 60 thousand concurrent players on Steam over the last 24 hours. Also! These little tidbits in the Mature Content Description always make me giggle:

Sometimes dead people have willies.

Sometimes they do, my friends. Sometimes they do.

To enter to win your copy of Dread Hunger, use the contest widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. There are also ways to earn bonus entries, so play along if you’re not chicken. Turkeys are cool, and geese and pretty sweet, but we do not suffer chickens.

We have 20 Steam keys to give away. We’ll draw winners around this time next week. Or maybe a little later. I have a job and a family to run here, people.

Dread Hunger is available now on Steam.

Contest: Sate your appetite and win Dread Hunger on Steam