Contest: Speak with your cards in unique deckbuilding adventure Signs of the Sojourner


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In today’s contest you can win unique deckbuilding narrative adventure game Signs of the Sojourner!

There are plenty of card games on the market these days — hell, the genre practically blew up a few scant years ago. Most focus on using decks to demolish foes, cast spells, and crumble empires. But where’s the nuance of it all?

Enter Signs of the Sojourner. This deckbuilder guides players through an emotional narrative using cards to make or break connections with its denizens. This one looks and sounds really neat, so we’re giving away both the game and the OST!

Read all about it below:

Left with only a family-owned bodega and memories after your mother’s passing, embark on an adventure into a hopeful, near-future world ravaged by climate change. Meet a diverse cast of charming and quirky characters while journeying through an eccentric, colorful land by caravan. Along the way, seek out goods to bring home and sell in the family store, keeping the town afloat with rare treasures, tasty snacks, and other interesting goods. Forge bonds, connect with old friends as well as mysterious strangers, and change the story to come.

Conversations between characters, driven by an emotive deck of cards, unlock the way forward. Adapt to different communication styles by matching symbols using empathy, logic, and other approaches, to create long-lasting friendships or even make enemies. Every conversation changes your voice, or in this case, your deck, asking you to grow from the encounter by leaving a piece of your deck behind while moving forward with something new.

I love it when a game goes against genre norms.

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, click around in the widget, and be sure to check out PC Invasion for even more chances to win.

We have five Steam keys for the game and OST to give out; winners will be drawn May 20.

Signs of the Sojourner is available now for PC.

Dtoid Contest: Speak with your cards in unique deckbuilding adventure Signs of the Sojourner