Contest: Up your game with a Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller


It’s so pretty!

In today’s contest, we’re giving away a Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller!

You know how you get stock controllers and they’re great and all, but offer little by means of customization and modding? Yeah, it totally sucks. That’s why Mega Modz takes controllers and makes them more suitable to gamers’ various whims and needs.

They’re confident in their product — as they should be — so they decided to provide a PS4 Macro Remap Controller to give away to the lovely people at Destructoid. It’s got like a zillion widgets and gizmos on it, so it’s going to take care of that itch to have the ultimate gamepad.

PS4 Macro Remap Controller Mega Modz contest

See that beauty up above? No, not me — the controller! That’s the Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller, fresh out the oven. This thing has a ton of features on it, so I’m going to do my best to summarize them without listing out a trillion bullet points. This customizable controller offers five levels of macro remapping, including Simple Remap, Turbo Mode, Auto Double-Tap, Auto Triple-Tap, and Continuous Press functions. That not enough for ya? You can also configure your own macros to really dig into the nitty-gritty of button mapping. Like, this thing gets pretty in-depth, so whether you just want to switch a button around or finely-tune your buttons and timing, you’re going to find something useful here.

There are also two conveniently-placed macro buttons underneath right where your middle fingers sit, so you can give the middle finger to traditional controllers! With a simple LED system on the bottom to show you your current programmed setting, you’re going to get a lot of bang out of your buck on this one. And since one of you will win one for free, it’s like infinite banging for zero bucking. Not too shabby.

Again, this thing is packed full of features, so head over to the controller’s website for more in-depth details on features, as well as specifics on how the macro programming works.

To enter to win, just use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Click around in that bad boy for ways to earn bonus entries — and stop muting your phones when you play my songs, damn it. Yeah, I read those.

We have one controller to give away, and as this is a physical prize you must have a United States shipping address in order to win. We’ll draw our winner on Friday, March 6.

Mega Modz has a ton of customizable gaming controllers across all platforms, so hit up their website to check out everything they have to offer.

Contest: Up your game with a Mega Modz PS4 Macro Remap Controller