Contest: Win a brand new Switch, Assault Android Cactus+


Five runners-up will win the game!

Win a new game, and a Switch to play it on, in today’s Assault Android Cactus+ contest!

Last week I was summarily put in my place by Witch Beam, developer of Assault Android Cactus+. I asked them if they were interested in doing a giveaway for their game so our readers could score on a sweet little game. They then asked me how that helps anyone if they don’t have a Switch to play it on? So I was told that the only way they’d work with me is if I gave away a Switch console on which to play your new game.

The things I do for you guys.

So, we’ve got a brand new Switch console up for grabs, complete with console skins featuring themes from the game and a digital copy of Assault Android Cactus+!

Read up on the game before you try to win it:

Lead Junior Constable Cactus and her Android friends as they respond to a distress call and finds a derelict space freighter under attack by its own robot workers. Keep the androids’ batteries charged by embracing aggressive play and blasting hordes in frantic, 60 frames-per-second firefights.

Assault Android Cactus+ debuts on Nintendo Switch with all-new features: Campaign+, new character costumes and aim assist options. Campaign+ reconstructs the original campaign with new enemy waves, more dynamic elements, and amped-up boss fights, all at 60 frames-per-second. Unlock a new costume for each of the nine androids while testing their unique loadouts to see what’s most effective across 25 levels.

While Campaign+ and its new leaderboards are enticing additions for those familiar with the game, anyone can enjoy Cactus+‘s frantic firefights with the addition of Aim Assist options. To let players get the most out of the local co-op experience, the game can be played with dual Joy-Con, Pro Controller and even single Joy-Con in any combination. Recruit up to three friends and start shooting!

Check this thing out:

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily for additional chances to win. For bonus entries, follow Dtoid and Assault Android Cactus on Twitter, and share our contest post with your friends.

While you’re waiting for the console winner to be announced, comment below telling us what got these cacti so assaulty and androidy. Those are two very…unique…characteristics for a cactus to have. We have five NA Switch keys to give away to commenters below, so you have lots of different ways to win!

We have one Switch console and game prize pack to give away to people who enter via the widget; we have five North American Switch keys of the game to give away to commenters. Since the console is a physical prize, you must have a United States shipping address in order to win. Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 1. New users can sign up here to speculate on cacti with us!

Assault Android Cactus+ is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Contest: Win a brand new Switch, Assault Android Cactus+