Contest: Win a custom Xbox Series X controller from Mega Modz


Just make the whole damned thing purple

In today’s contest you can win a customizable Xbox Series X controller from Mega Modz!

The last time we heard from Mega Modz, I was fresh off of losing a fight over the remote with my step dad, Terry. Oh, also we also gave away a PS4 controller. But PS4 is just so…last gen. Let’s try to modernize this a little.

This time, the MM crew are putting you in control! Of the controller! Win our contest and you can customize your own Xbox Series X gamepad with all the bells and whistles you see fit.

Mega Modz custom Xbox Series X controller contest

Do like Mr. Destructoid does and throw your old controller in the trash! Mega Modz is here to take boring old monochrome controllers and turn them on their stupid heads. Customize everything about your controllers, from the color of the shell, buttons, sticks, bumpers, d-pad, and even the grips! Make an awesome Dtoid-themed one like seen above, something flashy and weird because you’re a flashy weirdo, or just do what everyone should do and make it purple. All of the purple stuff you can throw on there. Make Grimace blush.

Whatever you choose, you can get rid of that boring old factory controller and replace it with something you’d be proud to hold for hundreds of hours a month. (Don’t think too much about how much you actually play video games.)

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Be sure to click around for bonus entries, and tell me what you think of things I like. Muting is for suckers.

We have one controller to give away; we’ll draw a winner next Monday. As this is a physical prize, you must have a United States shipping address in order to win. Better luck next time, Bulgaria.

Check out custom controllers, sweet mods, and a whole bunch of other goodness over at Mega Modz.

Contest: Win a custom Xbox Series X controller from Mega Modz