Contest: Win a Forgotten Fields prize pack


From the creator of Rainswept

In today’s contest you can win a Steam copy of Forgotten Fields, as well as a prize pack featuring art from the game!

Do you guys remember Rainswept? I sure do! It’s one of the first contests where I really fell in love with the title. I’ve had some other memorable ones over the years, but man I was really into that one.

When Rainswept dev Frostwood Interactive came to me with an opportunity to support their new title, Forgotten Fields, with a similar prize pack as before, I jumped at the the opportunity. So, let’s get to it: We’re giving away three prize packs for the new title, so apply now!

I’m not gonna ruin it with my dumb words, so read about it below.

Sid is a fiction author struggling with a creative block, attempting to recapture the feelings of inspiration he felt when he was younger. In order to pay the bills, he needs to think up a story and apply for a grant – the deadline is today – a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer.

On this Sunday, his struggle is disturbed by an invitation to attend an unavoidable family obligation – The place Sid grew up in is about to be sold, and his mother wants him to come home for a small party so he can say goodbye to it. With the deadline approaching and his creative juices having frozen, this is not something he’s looking forward to.

Join Sid as he reluctantly journeys back home, meets old friends, relives memories and attempts to kick start his creativity back into gear. Also take part in his creative process as you play through interactive sections depicting the story he’s attempting to write.

Forgotten Fields is a warm, cozy game about nostalgia, creativity, appreciating the present, and the passage of time – a meditation on impermanence and the shortness of life.

The game is in development now, but you can check out the demo on Steam so you can get a taste of what’s to come.

Forgotten Fields contest prize pack indie Steam

Here’s what we’re giving away:

  • 1st prize: Physical– Poster, pins (set of 2), postcards (Set of 6);Digital– copy of Forgotten Fields, digital OST, digital artbook, wallpapers (3)
  • 2nd prize: Physical – Pins (set of 2);Digital– copy of Forgotten Fields, digital OST, digital artbook, wallpapers (3)
  • 3rd prize: Digital– Copy of Forgotten Fields, digital OST, digital artbook, wallpapers (3)

To enter to win, simply use the widget below to enter. You can enter daily. Click around in the widget for ways to earn bonus entries to increase your odds to win.

We have three bundles to give away; winners will be drawn Wednesday, July 15. This is shipping from the publisher, so international readers are welcome! If you have an address, you can win.

Forgotten Fields is in development now, with a planned release for later this year. If you like what you’ve seen or played, please consider checking out the game’s Kickstarter page and throw the hard working folks at Frostwood Interactive some financial support!

Contest: Win a Forgotten Fields prize pack