Contest: Win a Steam copy of Haimrik


The pen is mightier

It’s Halloween, so let’s do a themed contest! Win a Steam copy of Haimrik.

Hey, so this looks like a fun one! When cute and macabre come together you get some really interesting results, and Haimrik definitely looks interesting. How’s about you enter our little contest here and maybe win a copy for yourself? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Yes, it would be very nice.

Haimrik is a delightful little game where you use The Power of Words to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and also probably die a whole bunch of times. Haimrik has a very active imagination, and his words give him the power to alter the world around him. Walking over the words imprinted into the ground brings them to life, helping him navigate the treacherously cute medieval world. But make one wrong step (and you’ll make a lot) and the sepia world turns red as Haimrik’s blood decorates the screen.

Sounds cute! And fun! And gory!

To enter to win, comment below telling us a time when your words had far more power than you thought. When that pack of fourth graders that kicks my ass every Tuesday afternoon was busy kicking my ass last Tuesday afternoon, I screamed so loud that I instilled mortal fear into their very mean and stinky hearts. Also an adult came and told them to stop kicking my ass. Either way, they stopped kicking my ass.

We have 20 Steam keys to give out — winners will be drawn on Sunday, November 4. Please make sure to comment using a Dtoid account, and that your profile has your current email address on file. I’ll scream at you really loudly if you break my rules.

Haimrik is available now on Steam.