Contest: Win a Steam copy of Rainswept


Stylish detective noir

Beware the downpour of contests: Win a Steam copy of Rainswept.

I try to keep things pretty lighthearted around here. Life’s got plenty of drama and other stuff going on, so I try not to pile it on. I do make exceptions, however. When things look as cool as slick and stylish as this, I have no choice but to break character and feature some pretty heavy shit.

Check out Rainswept and tell me it isn’t cool. Like what you see? Come win a Steam copy of it.

I’ll let Armaan Sandhu, the one-man team behind developer Frostwood Interactive, tell you all about it:

Detective Michael Stone arrives in the small town of Pineview to assist the local police force with a seemingly simple case – A couple is found dead in their kitchen. The locals believe it to be a case of murder-suicide, their speculation fueled by rumors of the turbulent nature of the couple’s relationship.

Help Detective Stone, assisted by the driven and empathetic Amy Blunt, discover the truth behind Chris and Diane’s story. But be warned: the further he pursues the case, the more his own past shall come back to haunt him. And the closer his sanity will be pushed to the edge.


  • An emotionally captivating story set in an immersive and atmospheric game world.
  • A wide cast of characters with deep histories, meaningful motivations and distinct personalities.
  • A moving original soundtrack by Micamic (Downfall, The Cat Lady, Lorelai)
  • Pine trees, coffee and rain. Lots of rain.

Rainswept is an adventure game dealing with themes of love, relationships and unresolved trauma.

Keen-eyed readers might recognize that we featured a Rainswept contest back in August when it was in its Kickstarter — now the game is complete, and available to the public.

And we’ve got some free copies to give out.

To enter, comment below telling us your favorite story in gaming, and why it holds that honor for you. I talk about it every chance I get, but BioShock really did it for me. It did such amazing things with story and allegory, drawing parallels to player agency and human nature in a nature and non-pandering way. It’s a marvel of the medium, and I really hope it’s taught in classes one day when video games are discussed as a storytelling medium.

We have five Steam copies to hand out to our lucky winners, who will be drawn on Wednesday, February 6. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid-generated Disqus account, and that your account is up to date with your current email address.

Rainswept is available now via Steam. Head over to our sister site, PC Invasion, for more chances to win.