Contest: Win a Switch copy of Hunter's Legacy: Purrfect Edition


Cat scratch fever

Enter our contest right meow: Win a Switch copy of Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition.

*comes running out of the house, out of breath* Guys! Guys! *wheeze* I found a new *cough, hack* video game where you play as a cat! I did it! *dies*

Come win a copy of Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition to validate my obsession with playing as cats in video games. Please. I need this.

Ok, get this — you play as a cat who has swords and must go on a Metroidvania-style adventure. Ok that’s all you need to know, bye bye.

Need some more info? Ok, take some game features.

  • Find the path to your next objective in a big connected world (hand-holding not included)!
  • 2D old school action-platforming at its finest!
  • Experience a frenetic adventure filled with dozens of enemies!
  • Battle your enemies while you enjoy an adrenaline pumping soundtrack!
  • Hit them with your swords or shoot them with your bow and arrows!
  • Find hidden secrets to purchase upgrades! Trust us, you’ll need them!

The Purrfect Edition features content not found in the original Steam release, such as new story sequences, more character dialog, new animations and levels, a brand new mini map, improved combat, and a new game plus mode.

If you’re not sold at the “play as a cat with a sword” hook then I’m afraid it’s just not going to work out between us.

To enter to win, tell us the weapon you’d use if you were a cat adventurer. I’d use my uncanny cat ability to knock random things off of tables for no goddamn reason at all. You may scoff, but the Big Bad is going to lose his fucking mind when I jump onto his stack of evil plans, knock over his grand scheme folder, and act like I didn’t do anything wrong. He’ll probably give up evildoing entirely after that. Cats are so stupid. I love it.

We have three NA and three EU Switch keys to dole out. Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, December 18. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid-generated Disqus account, and that your account is up to date with your current email address. If I can’t email you, I can’t knock things off of your table for no apparent reason.

You can pick up Hunter’s Legacy: Purrfect Edition on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.