Contest: Win a Switch copy of Pressure Overdrive


Under pressure

Enter today’s contest for a chance to win a Switch copy of Pressure Overdrive!

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a hybrid of a twin-stick shooter and buggy racer, but I guess that’s why creative people get into this industry to make games, and I just write about them on the internet.

Good thing I also give them away. I’m doing that for Pressure Overdrive — come win a Switch copy!

Pressure Overdrive takes everything about the original Pressure, reworks it to make it more fun and engaging, and puts it on the go so you can engage in arcade car combat while you’re actually on the road! This odd mashup of a bullet hell, twin-stick shooter, and racing title allows you to let out your road rage while having some fun on the side. Customize the appearance and skills of your kart, and bring your friends along for local multiplayer action.

Also, it’s kinda French for some reason!

To enter to win a copy, comment below telling us what you’d use to trick out your buggy of doom. I’d put a taco stand on the back, and instead of shooting my enemies I’d just throw them tacos. Eventually, they’d get too full to continue racing and have to pull over to take a nap. Then I’d win! And probably won’t get arrested as the end like I would have had I blown them all up.

We have four Switch copies to give away — winners can select their region key. Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, April 9. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to talk taco-shop with us.

Pressure Overdrive is available now for Nintendo Switch.