Contest: Win BattleBlock Theater on Steam!


Answer a question and win one of ten copies

Our friends at The Behemoth are celebrating the launch of their wonderful game BattleBlock Theater on Steam this week, and they’re letting us help join in the fun by giving away ten copies of the game to lucky Dtoiders!

For a chance at a free copy, just answer one of the Behemoth-related trivia questions below! The first person to any given question correctly will be guaranteed a copy of the game, and after all questions have been answered the last five codes will be handed out at random (since I know you’ll just copy and paste the right answers, you little devils).

You have until this Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific to enter, and the contest is open to anyone who can redeem a Steam key. Limit one entry per person, and again, you only need to answer one question! Those of you who get in first will need to pay attention to what’s been answered already, because only the first person to answer any given question correctly will be guaranteed a copy. (The rest of your names will be thrown in a hat.) Confused? Good.

Here are the trivia questions:

  • What was the first Castle Crashers-themed plush hat created for PAX in 2012?
  • What was the first Behemoth game to hit Steam?
  • What color princess is also known as “Tricky” for the ending of Castle Crashers?
  • Who was the voice of the Frost King and Industrial King in Castle Crashers?
  • What animal orb in Castle Crashers helps you find secret items?

Happy hunting! And don’t forget, our Huge members get automatic entry into all contests (as well as a bunch of other awesome perks). Better than answering a trivia question, am I right?!