Contest: Win either Marooners or Crash Drive 2 for Switch in this contest double threat


Twice the magic. And free games.

We’ve got a double-dipper in today’s contest: Win either Marooners or Crash Drive 2 for Switch!

What’s better than a contest featuring a free game? A contest featuring two free games! Duh.

We’ve outdone ourselves on this one — we’re giving away Switch copies of party games Marooners and Crash Drive 2 so you can have fun with your friends, family, neighbors, garbage men, and possibly even your local elected representatives. Look, I don’t really care who you play with, just come win some free games, ok?

First up is Marooners! This party game sees you and up to five friends, offline or online, battling it out in wacky island-based minigames. Duke it out with customizable characters with over 75 weapons as you hop back and forth between maps and game types in a chaotic battle for island supremacy. Just don’t blame us if you wind up relaxing too hard.

Next is Crash Drive 2! This multiplayer car racing game features not only traditional point-A-to-point-B races, but also battle modes, territory control, and more. Unlock over 30 cars and customization options and upgrade your car to take out your friends. Fire trucks, battle buggies, ambulances, and more await in this cartoony racing game.

Two is always better than one. Except if it’s a yeast infection. You probably only want one of those.

So, we’re giving away two games today! Use the widget to leave your name and email address, and specify which game you’d like to win, and for which region. You can enter daily. Click around in the widget for ways to rack up bonus entries.

We have three NA and two EU keys for each game to give away; keys are split between Dtoid and our sister site, Nintendo Enthusiast. Winners will be drawn Tuesday, February 25.

Marooners and Crash Drive 2 are available now on the Switch eShop.

Contest: Win either Marooners or Crash 2 Drive for Switch in this contest double threat