Contest: Win Hellbound, a sleek retro FPS on Steam


Go to hell

In today’s contest you can win Hellbound for Steam!

I’m gonna cut straight to the point, here. In the trailer I posted below for Hellbound, there’s a quote that says, “No ‘Glory-Shits.’” Does anyone know what that means? I consider most shits I take to be quite glorious, so I’m a little confused.

Either way, the game looks like fun! Save some money and come win a copy.

You play as Hellgore, a really angry chap trying to rid Hell from the evils that now plague it. You see, at one point Hell was a sacred ground, devoid of the horrors we now know — well, that’s all gone down the toilet and it totally sucks now. So you’ll run around blasting everything with a wide array of guns, ’90s style, in this love letter to the glory days of FPS titles.

  • FAST-PACED ACTION: Immerse yourself in relentless gameplay that rips you through demon-dominated dimensions!
  • WEAPON SELECTION: How you slaughter monsters is just as important as doing it. Can someone say Triple Shotgun?
  • DEVASTATING POWERS: Pairing those weapons with boosts such as increased damage and speed ratchets up the action another notch!
  • MONSTROUS GRAPHICS: Hellbound delivers high-resolution gameplay without sacrificing the nostalgic feeling.
  • A CAVALCADE OF DEMONS: Enhancing the gameplay is demonic variety, pushing the player to tackle the game in different ways.
  • HEADBANGING TUNES: Kickass while listening to a soundtrack composed by the great David Levill, Federico Ágreda “Zardonic” and Christian Fernando Perucchi.
  • A FUCK TON TO SINK INTO: 7 campaign levels, 4 survival arenas, 8 classes of enemies, 5 heavy weapons, 3 power-ups, and tons of secrets to discover!

Still baffled about that glory-shits thing, y’all.

To enter to win, clear all of this up for me. What, exactly, is a glory-shit, and why wouldn’t there be any in this game? There are more questions than answers here, so it’s going to bother me all day.

We have four Steam copies to give away; winners will be randomly drawn Wednesday, August 26. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file, and sign up here if you haven’t already so you can enter to win.

Hellbound is available now for Steam.