Contest: Win Lost Wing for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Steam


Help me find my wing

In today’s contest you can win a copy of Lost Wing for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Steam!

Nothing speaks to me like neon-soaked visuals mixed with cool electronic music. Give me all the neon purples, pinks, and blues you can throw at me, and I’m in visual heaven. I’m pretty easy to please.

Lost Wing does a great job of scratching that neon itch! Win yourself a copy so you can actually play it instead of just gawking, like me.

Read this while I put on my scorpion jacket and leather driving gloves.

Pilot a super fast ship through brutal environments, and try to top the leaderboards! Featuring numerous challenges, ships, enemies and traps. Lost Wing combines shooting and flying at super high speed. Race through a huge variety of tracks, dodging and shooting everything in your way, if you reach the end goal, destroy the boss for a massive points bonus. Storm your way through three unique worlds, beat each stage, and destroy the bosses! Featuring an original electronic soundtrack, multiple play modes, stages, ships and weapons. Lost Wing is a perfect challenge for the most demanding players.

  • Three worlds, four types of tracks, several difficulty modes and infinite hours of gameplay.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush at intense speeds and slow-down time when it’s getting a little too close for comfort.
  • High Definition Neon Sci-Fi atmosphere
  • Unlock multiple ships and upgrade them with power ups.
  • Show your might and destroy the megabosses
  • Compete against other players on the online leaderboards.
  • Focus on the acceleration infused original electronic soundtrack.

Almost forgot my aviator sunglasses. The look is now complete.

Use the widget below to enter to win. Make sure to specify which platform you’d like, and don’t forget to enter daily. Click around for bonus entries, yadda yadda yadda.

We have five total keys to give away; winners will be randomly drawn next Tuesday, August 4. Hit up Nintendo Enthusiast for more chances to win.

Lost Wing is available now for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Dtoid Contest: Win Lost Wing for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Steam