Contest: Win Prismata: Founder's Edition for Steam


Premium DLC for our premium readers

Contests, get yer contests here. Today, enter to win the Founder’s Edition DLC for Prismata.

Don’t you just hate pesky DLC in free games? It’s like, what, do the developers want to make some money on this game they’re offering up for free?! The nerve!

Enter for your chance to get some sweet free content for the newly-free-to-play Prismata in the Founder’s Edition package!

Prismata is the hybrid card game/RTS strategy game from Lunarch Studios boasting Very Positive user reviews on Steam. Once a paid game, it has officially gone free-to-play as of today! Check out the action for yourself, now for free! The base game includes the following game types:

  • Campaign:an enthralling 40-mission story-based single player adventure
  • Casual Match:play friendly games against other humans or one of 30 different AI personalities
  • Combat Training:over 50 hand-crafted puzzles and scenarios dripping with fascinating strategy insights
  • Ranked Play:get paired against opponents of similar skill and compete for a spot on the leaderboards
  • Custom Games:play bots or friends with fully editable unit pools, time controls, handicaps, AI difficulty, and more
  • Expert Challenge:ultra-difficult mission variants for players seeking extreme challenges
  • Event Mode:heart-pounding blitz brawl tourneys and crazy mode-of-the-week events with prizes

That’s quite a bit of content for nothing. But it wouldn’t be a giveaway if we gave you something that’s already free. So we’re handing out the Founder’s Edition DLC, giving you access to exclusive content that will open up even more gameplay, including:

  • Prismata Single Player Campaign Episode 2: Recombination.
  • Prismata Single Player Campaign Episode 3: Keystone.
  • Prismata Single Player Campaign Episode 4: Lockdown.
  • Prismata Single Player Campaign Episode 5: Pulse.
  • An equippable in-game “supporter” badge.
  • A permanent 20% Ranked Play cosmetic loot bonus.
  • The “Sweet Treat Steelsplitter” unit skin.
  • The golden pass — unlimited free golden Ranked Play tickets.
  • 2000 shards and 5 Power Cores (for unlocking skins/emotes.)

That’s A LOT of content for nothing, y’all.

To enter for your chance to win, tell us the ability tied to your special playing card. My weslikestacos card grants all allies +22 gas, which actually hinders our ability to fight since we’re so damned bloaty. It’s like an optional difficulty setting! It’s a popular card with the YouTube crowd.

We have 20 Steam keys to give out. We will hold a random drawing for our winners on Monday, October 1. Please make sure you comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, I can’t give you gas and you’ll have to play on Normal difficulty like a pleb.

Prismata is free to play, and available now on Steam. Head over to PC Invasion for more chances to win!