Contest: Win Sifu for PS4 or PC before your time runs out


If I could turn back time

What’s the big deal with Sifu? Like, every time I wake up I’m older. So, what, now you build a game around that mechanic? I’ve been doing it for 35 years, people; get with the program!

Well I guess it’s different when you’re a kung fu master. Also different when you die you come back to life, but exponentially older. And since, you know, no one has made any games about Wes Tacos.

Not yet, anyway.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my super ultra best friends over at Tinsley (get your peeps to get working on that Wes Tacos game, Tinsley crew) hooked me up with some Sifu keys to give away!

Read our official review here, but suffice it to say if you like a challenge, this one’s for you! Sifu is a story of vengeance. A bunch of young punk martial artists up and killed your fam. Now, it’s up to you to hunt them down, taking out any and all minions along the way. Learn new moves, acquire new techniques, and most of all, don’t die! Each life ages your character, taking him from an angsty teen to a tired septuagenarian with the experience to fight, but the body to fail. Balance your life lest you age out of fulfilling your mission.

But there’s good news! Like any difficult game, the a-ha! moments come when you master the game’s mechanics and improve as a player, as opposed to ethereal skill points determining your fate. I’m terrible at video games so I’ve never personally experienced such an epiphany, but I’m guessing if you’re here you’re much better at this sort of thing than I am. Pretend in the gif below that video games are the badass bearded dude, and I’m the little weenie flying off the edge. It’s pretty bad.

Sifu contest Wes sucks

To enter to win your copy of Sifu, comment below telling us which move you’d use to finish me off in a fight. Keep in mind you probably won’t have to use your best move, or really anything in the second or third tier. I’m thinking a basic level leg sweep or flick to the nip will do the trick. But hey, if you’d really like to show out then go ahead and use those master-level moves. It’ll impress the judges, if nothing else.

We have ten copies each for PS4 and PC (redeemable through the Epic Games Store) to give away. Winners will be drawn around this time next week. And yes, that’s vague because I’m busy, damn it. Comment below and if I don’t have your contact info on file, I’ll respond to your comment and we’ll go from there. Please just check your notifications, because if I can’t get a hold of you in a reasonable time I’m just going to write the key on the bathroom stall at Wendy’s and let Jesus take the wheel.

Sifu is available now for PlayStation and PC. Check them out on Twitter @SifuGame and be sure to tell your friends about our contest!