Control is Remedy's fastest-growing IP in a long time


Exciting but also expected

Based on your perspective, this news tidbit kind of shifts around — much like The Oldest House in a sense. In a year since launch, Controlhas gone on to become Remedy’s fastest-growing property to-date.

This comes out of Remedy’s first Capital Markets Day presentation, as reported by That’s nothing but good, as Controljoins the ranks of Max Paynein terms of games that were quickly adopted. However, it’s less exceptional and more expected when framed with the context that Controlis Remedy’s first game in a long time that had a true multi-platform launch.

For instance, Alan Wakewas an Xbox 360 exclusive and then launched on Windows PC a couple years later. Quantum Breakreleased simultaneously on Xbox One and PC. Controlis the first since 2003’s Max Payne 2that launched on a Sony platform alongside PC and Microsoft’s console.

If you’re the hard data type, maybe this will be more useful: Control has racked up two million sales thus far. The player count is probably far higher, though. Controlwas added to Xbox Game Pass last week, meaning that subscribers can play it for free. And, as a very related side note, get crackin’ if you’re a Game Pass subscriber who hasn’t checked out Controlyet. It was my very favorite game of 2019.

Control has sold more than 2m units []