Cookie Clicker is heading to Steam with chill new C418 music, and it's $5


Grandma, take the wheel!

Cookie Clicker, the idle game that started an obsession for many of us, is coming back with a new Steam version. I’m going to spend too much time with it. There’s no turning back.

It’s been eight years, which simultaneously “sounds about right” while also being hard to believe. The creator, Orteil, probably could’ve just tossed Cookie Clicker up on Steam and called it a day, but there are going to be new features — in part, to help justify the price.

The free web version and $5 Steam version are “nearly identical,” except for:

  • No ads.
  • 500+ Steam achievements.
  • Cloud saving and Steam Workshop support for mods.
  • New C418 music to chill out to.
  • “There’s also translations in 11 other languages, but we’ll likely be backporting that to the web version too.”

The Steam edition will be out on September 1, 2021.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cookie Clicker or just feeling foggy, it starts as a straightforward game about clicking a giant cookie — again, and again, and again — to buy upgrades that help facilitate the production of even more cookies, at increasingly outlandish rates. Before you know it, you’ve snowballed into capital-m Madness. Even though Clicker Heroes was more my speed, I’ll always have a soft (gooey?) spot for Cookie Clicker.

I fully expect to see it pop up on my Steam friends list. No judgment! I’ve been there.

In an FAQ, Orteil mentioned that importing saves from the web version into Steam won’t be officially supported, but they’re not going to stop you. Going forward, the web version will get “all the updates first,” however, they’ll “receive the same development.”

As for progress with the iOS and Android versions of Cookie Clicker, Orteil said that “iOS is a very unusual development environment for us so we’re still slowly working things out,” and the Android version “should be getting an update pass early next year.”

The creator is also “committing” to getting dungeons in as the “next minigame.”