With no big releases ahead, I'm cool with waiting longer for a PS5


Are you?

It seems like only yesterday I was bemoaning my lack of PS5, and shaking my fist at the scalpers who have made acquiring one my living nightmare. While that sentiment still holds, I now find myself more okay with the fact that I’m just going to wait a little bit longer to get my hands on a next-gen console.

Maybe it’s because it’s been a few weeks, and time heals all wounds. Or maybe it’s that there aren’t any big Sony exclusive releases on the horizon that I’m all that excited about. Yeah, I think it’s that one.

Aloy diving underwater in Horizon Forbidden West

Last week, during the Gamescom: Opening Night Live event, Guerrilla officially announced that Horizon Forbidden West is being delayed out of the 2021 holiday release window to February 2022. Personally, I don’t mind delays if they make for a better game and save the devs some grief, however, the delay did put the final nail in the coffin of my PS5 hunt. Aside from ReturnalForbidden West was the only PS5 game I was amped to get my hands on, but now that it’s off the table until next year, well, I’m giving up my search altogether. Or at least until the console is more readily available.

Based on the comments of my last PS5 post, some of you were already ahead of me, citing the game library being too small or unappealing for you to take the plunge just yet.

At this point, I have to concede and completely agree. I think before I was still feeling the hype of owning a brand new console, and wanting to be the first to play the hottest new releases. But what kind of a flex is it when all you can play right now are games that have been out since the console’s launch?

Climbing a staircase in Returnal

Look, I’m not trying to put anyone down who is amped about getting their new console — more power to you! It’s just when I have such a huge backlog of awesome Switch, PS4, and PC games, and then put them all aside to replay Stardew Valley for the third time, I don’t feel like I have the time or effort to go out of my way and spend a ton of money on games I’m not that excited for.

It’s been long enough, maybe at this point it’s better waiting it out even more, and holding off until there’s a slim or upgraded version of the PS5. It feels like something like that would be pretty far out, but we pretty much know it’s inevitable.

Maybe they’ll even put out some new colors or special editions. (This is me manifesting a pink PS5 — make it happen, Sony.)

What do you think? Are you down to keep waiting for a console, or are you going to keep up your search? What will you be playing in the meantime? If you already have one, do you feel like it was worth it to get it this early into the generation?