Cor Blimey! Rainbow Six Siege done gone all mum and dad!


The Grand Larceny event live in-game now

The latest limited-time event in Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is very, very different to events past. Now live on all platforms, The Grand Larceny replaces Siege‘s typical hostage-rescuin’, bomb-defusin’ action with a scenario more suited to the likes of Peaky Blinders.

Set in a redressed version of the Hereford Base map, The Grand Larceny’s new mode, “Stolen Loot,” transports a selection of Siege‘s operators back to 1920s-1930s Britain. Dressed to the nines in some stylish clobber and packing heat in the form of pump-action shotguns, Defenders must protect a cache of stolen loot, while Attackers must abscond with as much of the cash as possible. The game ends when either team is defeated, or the Attackers get away with a set amount of loot.

In keeping with the olde-tyme vibe, there will be no cameras, drones, or other wacky, hi-tech gadgets, so the preparation phase is out on its ear, me old mucker. But in a neat twist, destructibility has been ramped up immensely, allowing our cosplay mobsters to blow huge holes in both floors and ceilings. Watch your step!

Personally, my favourite element of this event has to be the cool gangster outfits, kitting out Warden, Clash, Hibana, Maestro, Gridlock, and co. with classic old-school duds. Of course, all of these dapper items are available to obtain in themed Grand Larceny Alpha Packs, which can be purchased either with Renown or real money up until The Grand Larceny event ends, May 19.

And yes, I know Hereford isn’t in London. Stop ruining my fun, you Moby Dick.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.