Cordelia and Female Robin join the fight in Fire Emblem Warriors


And the roster continues to not impress

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has shown off more new details about the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. In addition to giving more information on systems included, the magazine reveals two more characters being included in the game. Cordelia and Female Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening will both be joining the fight.

Why though, out of all the remaining characters from Awakening, did they choose Female Robin?

While not many details were revealed about the newcomers, it’s clear that Cordelia, one of the more popular characters from the game, was the best addition of the two. Photos show that she will a lance user and will be riding her Pegasus, making her a very unique character from the rest of the announced cast. With Female Robin however, things aren’t looking so hot. Photos of the tactician show her beside her male counterpart, and using a tome as well. I’m partly hoping it’s a mistake in the translation or a mix-up in the writing, and that she’s actually just a costume like in Super Smash Bros. If she’s not a costume, then Female Robin is a waste of a slot that could’ve gone to other Awakening mages like Miriel, Tharja, Henry, or even her child Morgan. The same goes for if Male Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates shows up.

The magazine also has information on other systems that will be appearing in the game, such as the iconic weapon triangle. The magazine also reveals a “Character Lost” feature, which will be acting as a form of permadeath for the game. Players will be unable to deploy a character again once they’ve been defeated, however it’s not mentioned how players can use that character again after. The full issue releases this Friday, so we should be able to learn more details then.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases on the Nintendo Switch and New 3DS in Japan on September 28, and is set for a release in North America and Europe this fall.