Corpse Party remake will launch in Japan next month on PS4 and Switch


School’s out forever

Mages has offered a Japanese release date for its super-gross remake Corpse Party Blood Covered… Repeated Fear. The grisly horror adventure will launch digitally on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 28, though a western localization is still yet to be announced.

Corpse Party Blood Covered… Repeated Fear is a remake of the similarly titled 2015 Nintendo 3DS release – which itself is a remaster of the original Corpse Party. The new edition of the horror classic has been entirely rebuilt upon a new engine, adding extra chapters and newly recorded voiceover work for some of the game’s previously silent characters.

For those of a delicate disposition, the Corpse Party series is a multimedia franchise that began way back in 1996. Typically, the series games, manga, and anime tell miserable stories of death and dismay as hapless schoolgirls fall foul of haunted houses and deranged killers, often coming to particularly brutal and sticky ends. A series yet to acknowledge the concept of “less is more,” Corpse Party has built a devoted following with its tales of torment.