Corrin is the newest Legendary warrior in Fire Emblem Heroes


Twist of Fates

Nintendo has released the latest Legendary hero to the summoning system of its popular mobile battle Fire Emblem Heroes. The new character, added to the mix by the time you read this, is one of Fire Emblem’s most popular protagonists, Corrin.

Corrin, (who appears in this new event in her female form), is the star of 2015 Nintendo 3DS release, Fire Emblem Fates. The regal hero is descended from both the Hoshido and Nohr nobility and as such is a key figure in the war between the two kingdoms. As the conflict escalates between the two nations, Corrin is forced to make a choice between the kingdom of birth and that with which they were raised – albeit by questionable means

Highly skilled in battle and possessing a loyal and tactical mindset, Corrin is fearsome in physical combat thanks to their expert sword skills. However, when situations get particularly tough, Corrin is also capable of unlocking their true potential, taking the fearsome form of an otherworldly creature.

Alongside Legendary Corrin, this update sees the return of several previously available characters. Back in summoning system are Gunnthra, Hector, Eirika, Hrid, Naga, Julia, Nils, Bramimond, Rinkah, Ike, and finally dragon priestess Mila, The new summoning event is live Fire Emblem Heroes right now.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android devices.