Cory Barlog inadvertently (and incorrectly) teased God of War DLC, then had to apologize


Tighten up your emoji game, Cory

Cory Barlog is a decorated and revered video game designer and story writer. People tend to read between the lines with things he says, projecting their own optimism and wishful thinking. Barlog was recently reminded of this, and it came the hard way.

God of War‘s one-year anniversary is this Saturday. PlayStation is celebrating with some freebies: Profile avatars and a dynamic PS4 theme. Barlog, who’s the director and presumably very in the know about things, teased:

That’s not all…😎

— Cory Barlog 🎮 (@corybarlog) April 14, 2019

It didn’t take long before people jumped to the conclusion that God of Warwas set to receive some story DLC. It’s not the craziest presumption. The sunglasses emoji (an S-tier emoji if we’re being honest) is reserved for Cool Stuff. You don’t use it unless there is Cool Stuff going down.

Barlog had to immediately walk back his use of the sunglasses emoji. “Just so no one gets the wrong idea — there is no DLC coming for the game. Sorry,” he said. It was a necessary apology because literally everyone got the wrong idea, again, due to the sunglasses guy.

So, short of a sequel announcement, this is probably just some more anniversary content. This could’ve been avoided if Barlog used the hands in the air in celebration emoji, the happy hugging hands emoji, or the winky kissy face emoji. Maybe he could’ve even gotten away with the inquisitive monocle emoji. But sunglasses emoji? Too far, man.

@corybarlog [Twitter]