Cosmic Star Heroine is coming to the PS4 and Vita


Yet another cool looking indie game hits Sony platforms

As if the Sony family didn’t have enough indies, yet another intruiging looking title from Zeboyd was revealed at PAX — Cosmic Star Heroine. Taking a page from the Sega-CD, the trailer gives us a brief look into the world of Cosmic Star, which looks decidedly old school.

According to Zeboyd, they’re attempting to re-create the feel of some of the classic RPGs of the 90s with their own bit of flair, andChrono Triggeris namedropped as in an inspiration (go on….). This is looking awesome so far, and I can’t wait to try it out given Zeybod’s solid history of modern day retro RPGs. A Kickstarter is coming soon to help fund the project. It’s set for the PS4, Vita, and PC platforms.

Cosmic Star Heroine [PlayStation Blog]