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Cosmic Star Heroine is finally coming to Vita soon, and if you own a PS4 copy you get it for free


Cosmic Star Heroine was a definite example of a Kickstarter success story, raising a modest $132,000 back in late 2013, and delivering the project on PC and PS4 in April of 2017.

There’s still more work to be done though, including the upcoming Vita port and a potential Switch version, and the former finally has a release date on the horizon. As announced by developer Zeboyd Games, the Vita edition of Cosmic Star Heroine will be out on April 24 in North America, and imminently in Europe.

Note that if you have the PS4 edition you’ll get the Vita version for free via cross-buy. That works both ways too if you don’t own it yet.

Cosmic Star Heroine [Kickstarter]

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