Cotton Rock 'n' Roll features lots of candy and a big ol' spider


Sweet witch returns to the stars for new sequel

Everyone’s fave candy-chomping witch, Cotton, is getting set for her big comeback. Having paved the way with the recently remade Cotton Reboot! developer Success is preparing the first franchise sequel in many moons, as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll (great name) gets set for liftoff on PC and consoles. Check out the first gameplay footage in the video below.

Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll will feature all of the chaotic, button-bashing, shmup action that is the series trademark but will sport some brand new 2.5D visuals, bringing Cotton, Silk, and her other friends into a colorful new pseudo-dimension. While the visual style may have seen a facelift, the cartoonish backgrounds, creepy-cute enemies, and dazzling explosions of color are all present and correct.  And, of course, there’s plenty of Cotton’s favorite magical candy “Willow” on the menu.

As a bonus, we also get to see one of the new sequel’s alternate characters in action. Umihara Kawase is a Japanese platform game series that has, coincidentally, also made a recent comeback in 2020’s Umihara Kawase Bazooka! In keeping with Umihara Kawase‘s sushi theme, the protagonist will be comically riding a blowfish for their Cotton appearance. There’s no sign of Appli-Ke Pumpkin in the new video, but the goth gal has been confirmed for the roster.

Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll is expected to launch in Japan on PS4 and Switch September 23, with a PC port planned for later in the winter. A western localization is yet to be confirmed, but given the recent release of Cotton Reboot! it seems like that this new sequel will also be winging its way west. I’m looking forward to receiving pushback in my review already.