Could Aurai be competition for Oculus Rift?


Significantly less expensive

Sure, Oculus is making big waves at CES right now, but some lower-profile tech is also on display. Making its debut today is Aurai, another device that fits on your face and reminds me of LeVar Burton’s character from Star Trek. Let’s break down the comparison.

  • Oculus is black, Aurai is white (winner: undecided)
  • Oculus got its start on Kickstarter, Aurai has plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign next month (winner: Oculus)
  • Oculus is owned by Facebook, Aurai is not (winner: Aurai)
  • Oculus costs $600, Aurai is set to start at $119 (winner: Aurai)
  • Oculus is the premier virtual reality headset on PC, Aurai is the premier water-propelled eye massager (winner: undecided)

Could this upstage Oculus on its big day?