Could the Switch end up being a shmup machine? Danmaku Unlimited 3 is coming for it


Nice, more please

I don’t know if I’m being selfish when it comes to what I want to see on the Switch. The fact that so many indie developers flocked to the Wii U and not enough big studios is what ultimately led to its demise (among other Nintendo related reasons). The Switch is off to a much better start so it’s way too early to predict how the market will go, but for now, there’s a healthy mix of both worlds.

Another genre is set to make a mark on the system soon — shoot ’em ups (shmups). Developer Doragon Entertainment has announced thatDanmaku Unlimited 3 will arrive on the Switch sometime this year, sporting 60fps visuals, an ultra-wide mode, and everything else from the PC edition that’s currently on Steam.

Would you believe that Doragon is a Canadian-based operation mostly consisting of one individual? It’s crazy how far indies have come, and how well westerners have co-opted genres typically reserved for Japanese studios.