Could you beat a game of Minesweeper with almost 40,000 mines?


I’m not even going to act like I could

One wrong move, and it’s ka-fricken-boom. That’s the margin for error in Minesweeper, as everyone who has owned a PC in the past 20 years knows. Those mines are everywhere, and it’s up to you to meticulously sweep them.

Knocking out expert difficulty’s 99 mines is tough enough, but how about 38,799 of them? CineMassive, a video wall company, put together what may be the largest game of Minesweeperever. Across 24 HD televisions, there are a billion little boxes (my approximation), and it looks downright impossible to clear.

CineMassive says that no one on its team has even gotten close. It’s just resulted in keyboard-bashing fury. Maybe you can do it, though. The company’s taking applications for ten people to remotely give this behemoth a try. Just don’t expect to walk out of this one unscathed.