Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's battle royale mode gets respawns and a ping system


Apex GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s battle royale mode (which was added late last year) has received a new update that brings it closer to Apex Legends. In addition to featuring respawns, a new pinging system will allow players to point out specific items and places to their squadmates. It’s funny how every BR game is becoming essentially the same thing.

Brand new update “Sirocco” brings a new desert map to Danger Zone (the name for CSGO’s BR mode) and the aforementioned respawn and ping mechanics. Respawning works in a fashion similar to Black Ops 4’s “Down But Not Out” mode. In that, players will die, but respawn once the circle reaches its next point. In an interesting move, players will be able to pick their respawn points (which includes reviving right where they died).

The ability to select perks before games begin has also been introduced. Players will have the choice of picking things like exojump boots (which let you jump higher than normal), a bump mine (which works like a bounce pad), or a parachute (which slows your descent). As well as that, guns will now feature more ammo when picked up, shifting the focus of the game away from scavenging.

For the moment, Danger Zone will only feature the new map for matchmaking. The previous map, called Blacksite, has no time frame for when it will be added back to the official rotation.

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