cR Sonic Fox wins Season 1 of the ELS MKX Pro League and 60k


Kitana’s low-tier?

Today marked the end of Season 1 of the ESLMKX Pro League with cR Sonic Fox taking the belt and a massive $60k grand prize purse after a dominant performance as Kitana in the finals. After hearing so much about how Tanya was an unbeatable character and the tournament was going to be a boring series of mirror matches, it was nice to see a relatively “weaker” character like Kitana claim victory.

I’ve already fallen off of MKX I’m ashamed to say, but it seems like this iteration of MK has really gained some traction in the FGC. Tournaments are fierce, the prize pools are some of the largest I’ve ever seen, and on-going patches are keeping the meta fresh. MKX got off to a rocky start of questionable DLC and woeful PC issues, but it seems to have found its stride just fine. Really looking forward to seeing what happens at EVO this year.