Crab battles and magical girls invade Comiket 92's doujin games


Will any of these titles go West?

For a good while, I’ve been interested in going to Japan’s Comiket convention, since it’s dedicated to people selling their fan works and/or original indie creations. Luckily, Edelweiss(Astebreed, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin) uploaded a 90-minute trailer of Comiket 92’s doujin games, which gives us an idea of what to expect at the event.

As a person who loves bizarre ideas, I found it amusing to see a game where you fight like a real crab. Then there’s the fast-paced competitive action title called Magical Girl v.s. Fantasy World: Magical Battle Arena Next, which lets you play as characters from shows like Nanoha, Prisma Illya, Slayers, and Cardcaptor Sakura. If anything, this sounds like theperfect way to test Lina Inverse’s Giga and Dragon Slave spell on other magic users.

Other than those two titles, ASTRO PORT’s (Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser,Gigantic Army)Rocketronlooks like a fun 2D action platformer game, and its jetpack mechanics remind me of Cave Story. All in all, I’m digging a good amount of the event’s offerings. With Comiket 92 running from August 11 through 13, let’s hope that companies like Playism, Nyu Media, and Carpe Fulgur are scoping the convention for future releases.

Take A 90 Minute Tour Of The Doujin Games Of Comiket 92 [Crunchyroll]