Crackdown 3 tries resuscitating its comically dead multiplayer mode with cosmetic progression


Keys to the City is nice, though

Crackdown 3‘s Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode was dead on arrival. Its cloud destruction was novel and impressive from a tech perspective, but the mode itself was uninspired and limp. It’s only three months after launch, and the lobbies are barren; it can take several hours to find a single game.

In an attempt to inject new life into Wrecking Zone, Microsoft has added a progression track full of cosmetic items. Through 100 tiers, players can earn vanity embellishments like weapon skins and helmets. Additionally, Microsoft says “We’ve also given the overall experience a fresh coat of paint, adding Agent customization screens, six different types of Overdrive Skill boosts, and a host of other user interface updates.”

But, as we all know, this is a bandage for a broken bone. Wrecking Zone’s problems are much more deeply rooted. It’s a flawed and unenjoyable experience; no cosmetic progression system is going to fix that. (And, it probably goes without saying, no one is going to progress very far if they can’t get into matches.)

Crackdown 3got a more worthwhile update to its campaign. Keys to the Citywas added in pursuit of Crackdown‘s never-ending pursuit of ultimate sandbox freedom. It’s just what it sounds like: The metaphorical keys to the city. With these developer tools, players can spawn any number of items, weapons, enemies, vehicles, etc; level their abilities to any extent they want; enable god mode; turn all enemies passive; equip a jet pack; and add elemental damage to ground pounds. There’s more. It’s a lot.

Keys to the Cityis a fun-yet-fleeting toolset that can spice up Crackdown‘s sandbox approach. It’s neat to have complete control over all aspects of New Providence — and then blow it all to smithereens.

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