Crash Bandicoot is getting the Funko Pop! treatment



Does everything have a Funko Pop! now? Will everything eventually be a Funko Pop!? Am I a Funko Pop!? What is life?

I have to admit I’ve fallen victim to the Funko craze, but mostly only when it comes to Star Wars. These, though… I might have to get one or seven of these.

Funko announced it’s releasing a line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures for that crazy marsupial, Crash Bandicoot. It includes six variants of Crash himself, all of which will be unleashed upon hordes of collectors this November.

You’ve got your standard Crash and a black-and-white limited edition Chase figure. Then there are four exclusives — a furry flocked Crash only available at GameStop, a jetpack-equipped Crash at Toys “R” Us, a glow-in-the-dark Crash at Best Buy, and a leather-clad Biker Crash at Hot Topic.

The line also includes the series’ loyal villain, Dr. Neo Cortex, complete with ray gun and overconfident pose. I gotta ask — where are Aku Aku and Coco? Here’s hoping we’ll see a second line with them in the future.

Coming Soon: Crash Bandicoot Pop!s [Funko]