Crash Team Racing's Neon Circus Grand Prix finally puts Pasadena O'Possum behind the wheel


Welcome to the Karting Karnival

As we move away from Halloween and toward the inevitable clutches of winter, Crash Team Racingis determined to keep things vibrant. Now that the limited-time Spooky Grand Prix has wrapped, we’re getting an all-out ocular assault of technicolor radiance. Welcome to the Neon Circus.

On November 8, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueledstarts its Neon Circus Grand Prix. Racing whiz Pasadena O’Possum from Crash Tag Team Racing is added as a new character. Accompanying her is Ebenezer Von Clutch. There’s a third racer in the mix too. Big brute Koala Kong is unlocked for anyone who makes it through the bronze tier of Grand Prix rewards.

Speaking of, here’s a look at all of the Neon Circus Grand Prix rewards:

Koala Kong plays a larger role than merely a new kart racer; he’s the host of this whole event. The Koala Carnival track is his own invention, a challenge of dexterity and agility that he certainly doesn’t look equipped for. But that game where you hit the pad with the mallet and the thing shoots up and rings the bell? He’d be real good at that.

Neon Circus also welcomes a new game mode, Ring Rally. The idea behind Ring Rally is to survive as long as possible against a clock that’s always winding down. However, collecting rings adds to the timer, meaning that they’re crucial in keeping the karting alive. With each successive lap, the rings get smaller and your chances of survival go down.

Some miscellaneous features of Neon Circus are three new karts (Nitro Bumper Kart, Pressurizer, and Daredevil), a bunch of cosmetics in the Pit Stop, the Neon Circus Champion kart and decal for anyone crazy enough to finish in the Grand Prix’s top five percent (the kart is the same as always but the decal is unique to the event), and the adventure mode where you can unlock King Chicken. I only mention this as an excuse to share this excellent screenshot:

The Neon Circus Grand Prix ends on December 8. After that, it’s on to the Winter Festival and the Gingerbread Joyride track.