Creative Assembly reveals inital pitch video for Alien: Isolation


See the never before shown video that started development

Alien: Isolation was one of my biggest surprises of last year. As huge fan of the film series, I always wanted to play a title that emulated the original movie’s tone and style. Though the action of the JamesCameron-helmedsequel Aliens was far more conducive for videogames, it was especially brave of RTS developer Creative Assembly to make a direct sequel to the original film.

At a postmortem panel at GDC, Creative Assembly’s Alistair Hope discussed the origins of development on this particular title. Wanting to try something new, the developers crafted a mood piece showing off the environment and creatures that inhabit it. Similar to the tone and style of the Nostromo from the original film, they wanted to show that they could create an Alien experience that not only injected the horror of the unknown, but also made the alien itself scary once again.

We seldom get to see pitch videos, so it’s great to see where it all began. Creative Assembly totally knocked it out of the park with Alien: Isolation and it was a real pleasure to see the evolution of the title, including the game’s original third-person view.