Creature collection adventure Temtem shows promise


Please turn out well!

I’ve dreamed of a shared-world Pokémon game since I was a kid, and even now, the shelved thought resurfaces every time Nintendo shows off a new installment. Maybe one day Game Freak will get there. I can only hope. In the more immediate future, Madrid-based studio Crema has announced its take on the idea with Temtem, an upcoming “massively multiplayer creature collection adventure.”

Today’s video is just a tease leading up to a reveal next month, but I’m listening.

“Catch every Temtem, battle other trainers, customize your house, join a friend’s adventure, or explore the online living-world,” reads the summary.

While the name Crema might not immediately ring any bells, the team’s last project, Immortal Redneck, turned out well. As Chris said in his review, “anyone looking to temporarily transport themselves back through the ages of FPS-dom without making concessions should give it a chance.”

Crema plans to run Temtem through Kickstarter on May 29. I’m cautiously optimistic.